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Helping Technical Managers improve team performance and workplace quality of life

Contact: Anne Milkovich
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 45, Clyde Park, Montana, United States of America 59018
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"A dynamic and entertaining style and excels at explaining concepts in plain English that everyone can relate to!" --Gene Lehto, CEO Mountech Software
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M5 Corp on Technical Management

Fields of Interest:

Coaching/Mentoring, Communication, Leadership, Management, Performance Improvement, Time/Self Management, Conflict Management, Effective Meetings, Goal Setting, Hiring/Retention, Interpersonal Communication

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • Technical Leadership
  • Managing Technical Professionals
  • Verbal Magnetism: When You Speak They'll Listen!
  • How to Get Along with those Pesky People Who Aren't Like You!
  • Five Principles of Conflict Resolution
  • Bring Out the Leader in YOU!

Recent Engagements:

  • Society for Technical Communications 2003
  • United States Department of Agriculture 2004
  • Reach Inc 2004
  • United Methodist Church 2004
  • Business and Professional Women 2004
Speaker 's Fees:$2501 to $5000
Length of presentation:45 minutes and up
Travels From:Bozeman MT
Travel Limits:
Target Audience:Any
Target Audience - Other:Technical Managers
AV Requirements:Projector for laptop, whiteboard, lapel microphone
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Airfare: yesHotel: yes
Food: noMileage: no


Anne Milkovich entered the ranks of technical management at Microsoft, rather sideways, with an education background and technical knowledge. Panicked at getting what she asked for, she wondered where the User Guide for people management might be and found none.

After swimming upstream successfully for several years, Anne concluded that the School of Hard Knocks was not going to issue her the graduate degree she deserved and completed her MBA. She often thought of writing that User Guide for technical professionals who likewise landed sideways into management.

Having compiled over 15 years of combined experience and education in technical management, Anne launched M5 Corp, a management consulting business for technical managers, and began her authoring career. “Many highly intelligent, technically oriented people struggle with the ‘soft’ skills on the people side of the equation. They are looking for concrete instructions to decode the nebulous work of management.”

Anne deconstructs her own management expertise into explicit, manageable “bytes” of knowledge. She bridges the gap between the logical operating system and the psychological operating system and gives technical experts the understanding they need to excel in the world of people management.

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