Elijah speaks with authority, power and urgency. His presentation is a selfless and uncompromising work. Had I not been exposed to these teachings, I would have continued on a path of ignorance and self destruction. The point is to separate the Truth from the lies, and then share it with others, and Elijah is the catalyst! -Barry M.
Elijah's insights provide a 'road map' to understanding ancient wisdom. He dispels 'seemingly' unattainable spiritual myths and instructs the audience how to use ancient wisdom as a manual for our lives today. Bravo for this remarkable information. -Sunday P.
For most of my adult life, I have been plagued by depression and anxiety. I've been to doctors and tried numerous treatments. I lost hope that I would ever be cured and then, I met Elijah. His teachings have allowed me to experience a healing I did not believe was possible. I am a new person! I thank God for allowing me to experience a true miracle, and I thank Elijah for his wisdom and compassion. -Anonymous
I arrived to Elijah's seminar with a bit of an attitude. I thought I already knew something about ancient wisdom and considered myself an enlightened person. However, I had to leave my ego in a lock box as I listened to Elijah. His insights brought me to my knees. Elijah is a brilliant teacher who is filled with a treasure-trove of information that appears to be lost in our civilization. -Coleen L.

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