"Barbara - you are a gift! I look up to and respect you so much! You saved my life and I know you will help so many more people!! Eating disorders are terrible, terrible diseases where you feel so alone, you are showing people that they are not alone and you are a walking example of how much better life is without the eating disorder. Thanks again for everything you do!" - Sara
"I want you to know how much you inspired me while you were here in Detroit. Since your visit, I have my own website, I am signed with all of the talent agencies, I have a new headshot, and I am in the process of recording my voice over demo. All this because of your talk. I needed that kick in the butt. Thank you!" - Nicole Yohn, Actress, Detroit
"What was destroying you has become your biggest asset. I learned about the panic that would trigger a need to purge. I will use the poem with a client to see if they feel the same way." - Damaris Nunez, UAW-GM Human Resources Conference
"In baring her soul, Barbara opens the door to hope. I learned that substance abuse is not the only issue we should be dealing with" - Greg Raleigh, UAW-GW Human Resources Conference

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