“Your intriguing presentation gave useful ideas and your personal examples kept the presentation alive and interesting. It was obviously enjoyed by the audience and I don’t think I ever heard as much laughter in that auditorium.”… -Charles H. Steinmeyer, Ph.D. Director of Department of Psychology-Warren State Hospital
“I believe that Meg and Blamo adapt their presentation to a wide variety of groups. Overwhelmingly we had the highest ratings with this workshop. We got so very much more than we bargained for. I recommend them highly. “ -Linda L King Executive Director-Safe Net Domestic Violence Safety Network
"This was the best fun and the greatest seminar!" -Kathleen Tilman RNC Participant in Therapeutic Value of Humor Seminar
“Your course was sheer delight but I also learned a lot about the value of humor.” -Alida Struze, Social Worker Participant in The Therapeutic Value of Humor Seminar

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