"I have had the privilege of interviewing ten guests per week between my tow daily shows. Of the thousands of guests I've had over these many years, I've only had one as a regular weekly guest. Yes that's Dr. Debra. She's awesome!" former host of Destiny--Tiger Financial Network
"Dr. Debra is one of those interview guests who make it easy to be a program host. She brings calm assurance of professionalism along with expert analysis to the micorphone. Her demeanor is good for both the host and for the listener," radio host of Point and Counterpoint-WHCB
"Dr. Deb does it best. She is always ready to address the callers and handles even those tough, cantankerous ones with opposing viewpoints, lie the true professionalshe is. Dr. Deb is a real ratings getter!!!" prgram manager and host of KGAB, Clear Channel Radio
"Dr. Debra shows us, with compassion, how to heal the wounds we carry into our adult relationships, creating permanent, positive changes. After that, things will get better--much better!" co-author of The Grief Recovery Handbook and founder of the Grief Recovery Insitute.

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