Category:Health/Wellness/Nutrition, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, HIV/AIDS, Human Relations, Interpersonal Communication, Massage Therapy, Mental Health, Psychotherapy, Social Work
Description:Online CE courses for Pharmacists, Mental Health Counselors, Family Therapists and Physical Therapists.
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Contact NameTom Walsh
Contact TitleController
OrganizationLearning Information Technologies
Structural makeup Educational
Target Audience (Dentists, Physicians, Dieticians, PAs, etc...) Counselors
Target Audience (Other)Pharmacists, Therapists, Family Therapists
Field of Interest Behavioral Science
Field(s) of Interest (other)Pharmacy, Health Care, Mental Health
Web Site Home
Course TitlesHIV/AIDS Reducing Medical Errors
Fees (or ranges)$15 per contact hour
Currency:US Dollars
CE credits available:NBCC, State of California Behavioral Sceinces, State of Florida, Co-sponsorship for ACPE.
Do you have additional written or AV materials for sale?Yes
Money-Back Guarantee?NA

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