Category:Market Analysis/Planning, Marketing and Copywriting
Description:The invention of the ad agency account planning role, with many case studies of highly successful campaigns and the importance of sound intelligence for campaign planning.
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Contact NameDavid Brent
Contact TitleManaging Director
OrganizationBrand Plan Pty Ltd
Structural makeup Commercial
Target Audience (Dentists, Physicians, Dieticians, PAs, etc...)Any
Target Audience (Other)Advertising, public relations, promotions, marketing communications, marketing, market research
Field of Interest Market Analysis/Planning
Field(s) of Interest (other)advertising planning, ad agency account planning, advertising strategy, advertising research, marketing intelligence, consumer insights, copy strategy, creative planning
Web Site Home
Course TitlesFull introduction to the invention of the ad agency planning role with case studies
Fees (or ranges)Conversion from Australian $90 - about US$58
Currency:US Dollars
Do you have additional written or AV materials for sale? No
Money-Back Guarantee?Yes
Details:With written request outlining detailed reasons.
NOTESOriginally, advertising relied to a great extent on highly intuitive creative writers. However, experience over the decades showed that too many costly mistakes were made. The new role of the account planner or strategy planner in the ad agency lead the way to much more effective and successful advertising.

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