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Speakers News Past Issues

Volume 1 August 2003
Volume 2 September 2003
Volume 3 October 2003
Volume 4 November 2003





Volume 1 August 2003



Greetings from FindCE.com!

This is the first monthly update being sent to speakers who have registered with us. Should you have thoughts suitable to our database of speakers, presenters and consultants that you would like included in this monthly e-newsletter, please let us know so that it can be thoughtfully considered.

Site Statistics

Speakers registered: 1012
Countries represented: 15
Best nickname: "Differentiator"
Daily average of unique visitors to FindCE.com: 2236
Maximum number unique visitors: 10,680 (Aug 1st)
Daily average "hits" to the site: 60,822
Max "hits": 187,554 (Aug 1st)


This first issue will deal primarily with improvements to the site which directly affect you and your listing. After going live July 1st, 2003, more than 800 speakers have registered, but through the month, we have added functionality, and some of you who registered earlier may not know of these features.

We also need to encourage those of you who began registering, but stalled at the point where data entry was required. Please return and continue, as this appears as an incomplete registration to event planners who may find you through our search engines. If you need any help with this registration process, feel free to contact us.

Common to all speakers:

  • There is a new feature on the home page that allows meeting/event planners to easily register and receive regular updates of our speaker database. This list will be categorized, and your name will be listed under the "field" or "fields" you chose when registering. For this reason, you might wish to edit your page if you feel this does not adequately represent your fields of interest.
  • On the first edit screen where you list your "field", we have added the ability to choose multiple fields, as this desire was expressed by an overwhelming majority. Directions for this can be found as you edit your registration.
  • Searches using the basic search from the home page or the keyword search on the targeted screen pull results from both the description and the keywords you have listed. All this means is that your description and keywords can be optimized for better results by tweaking them some.
  • Search results no longer indicate whether a speaker has an enhanced listing. Although enhanced listings occur first in a search, we did not feel showing the reason why was appropriate.
  • Before making any changes to your page, you will need to "Sign In" on the home page, using your username and password. After signing in, only you will see the "edit" command when your page is displayed.

Specific to speakers with enhanced listings:

  • You may have noticed our "Featured Speakers" page. Currently, this includes those of you (with enhanced listings) who have referred the most members to FindCE.com. However, we have just established a point system for ranking on this page (see details below). It will benefit you more to send other speakers our way who eventually create an enhanced listing, but you need to make sure your referrals type in your name when they register.
  • We have added a section on the home page entitled "Words of Wisdom", which includes articles submitted by FindCE speakers (with enhanced listings) that would be mutually beneficial to a cross-section of business managers and professionals dealing with management issues. If you have something to offer in this arena, send it to me, and I will see if it can be added, as it would help to increase your exposure.
  • We have added 4 more boxes for comments from others, if you would like to add these. The first appears on the page to the right of your photo, and if there are more than one, there is a link to "more reviews" that takes meeting planners to a separate page. The instructions previously stated not to use quotation marks, but the programming has changed, so it would improve the look if you edit your page and add the quotation marks. Sorry about that!
  • If you want to include some direct links to web sites from your bio that others can click on, but need help doing this, let me know.

Award System

  • One referred speaker who registers with an enhanced listing = 20 points
  • One referred speaker who registers with a standard listing = 3 points
  • Each time you are graded by a member of a prior audience = 1 point
  • Hint: If you are a member of any e-mail lists or newsgroups, or if you send out a newsletter, this is an excellent way to spread the word!
  • Other Items of Interest

    • The Forums (message boards) are an excellent way for you to get your name out there, especially in the area of your expertise. If you have an idea for another forum that would prove beneficial to a cross-section of professionals, let me know, and I can work with you to make it happen. 
    • If you are in need of a business owners package of insurance, liability insurance or health insurance, we have found a good source that caters to the small business person. < U > MIMS International is worth taking a look at.
    • If you would like some help getting prior audience members to come and grade your talk on FindCE.com, let me know. You stand to benefit each time someone gives you a grade.

    Please let me know if I can be of any service to you as it relates to yo

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