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Report Card Explanation

Sample Report Card

A great deal of research has been done to determine which characteristics of a meeting or speaker are important to professionals in their quest for continuing education. Although this process was labor-intensive and objective in nature, there will be items that do not necessarily coincide with your idea of the perfect meeting or presenter.

For this reason, the items are separated in order that you may make inferences not concluded with the grading scheme we have formulated.

Those grading a meeting or presenter give a grade of A, B, C, D, F or NA (not applicable) to each item. These are then averaged to create a GPA, or "Grade Point Average" for those unfamiliar with the acronym. This is the standard method of grading in the U.S., and we hope it will have a ring of familiarity with the majority involved with this process.

These grades will coincide with one of two lines of reasoning. One would include the following: (A) Excellent, (B) Good, (C) Fair, (D) Poor, (F) Very Poor, and Not Applicable. The other would include: (A) Strongly Agree, (B) Agree, (C) Neutral, (D) Disagree, (F) Strongly Disagree, and Not Applicable.

In order to maintain a level of integrity and objectivity, we have taken steps to ensure that no grader will benefit from the success or failure of the meeting or speaker they are grading. They are asked to state this objectivity as they submit the grade, but we are aware that it will be difficult to police this unerringly. In that light, when an indiscretion has been uncovered, this will be so stated on the report card. This disapprobation will be unsightly, if not condemning.

Should you uncover any improprieties within the grading, you may alert us to the specifics at and we will make every effort to ascertain the validity of the accusation. Rest assured that no action would be taken unless the facts are indisputable.

On a positive note, those meetings and presenters who excel in their fields will be singled out for periodic awards on Valedictorians, honor rolls and other indicators of success within certain meeting types and within presenter fields will be proffered upon those worthy of our adulation. The aggregate GPA will be the mechanics behind these awards.

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