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This is a function of findCE.com that we take very seriously, and strict adherance to protocol is not only expected, but demanded. Variations from this guiding principal will have negative repurcussions, which we do not feel need to be detailed here. By clicking on the links below, you certify that:

1.  You do not stand to benefit in any fashion at any time from the grades you will be assigning to the item
2.  You have not previously graded this item on findCE.com
3.  You have personally experienced the CE represented by this item, and that
4.  You are honest in your assessment.

If you have any questions about this grading process, you may contact us here: ReportCard@findCE.com

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What type of questions should I ask when I call a Restaurant?
  • What is your menuís price range?
  • In what types of food does your Restaurant specialize?
  • How is your lunch menu different from your dinner menu?
  • Can I make a reservation?
  • When is it usually less crowded?
  • What type of dress is appropriate?
  • Are there any special nights this week for live entertainment?
  • How about any special theme nights, such as Italian or seafood?
  • Do you have any happy hour specials? What times are these specials available?
  • Do you have any exceptions or exclusions to the coupons or discounts I wish to use?
  • Can you honor my special requests?