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In 1999, during a meeting of allied health practitioners,†a consensus of opinion arose that continuing education meetings and speakers were largely "hit and miss" for professionals. Referrals are largely obtained, at best, from one or two other professionals.†Realizing this to be an inadequate amount of research, and considering†the rather subjective atmosphere found in daily mailings and slanted web sites, it was determined that some objectivity was needed. Just as the academicians among us are ever after the studies to back up manufacturer assertions, so too must we be diligent in our pursuit of effective, appropriate and cost-efficient†continuing education.

This group of professionals also realized that while we adequately communicate with others in our chosen field, there is a missing connection between professionals in differing fields - a connection that most would find beneficial, for obvious reasons. This thought process led to the formation of an online forum that would be offered to professionals in all disciplines. In this way, continuing education could take place daily, and in an ecumenical†or cosmopolitan forum not before experienced by professionals.

In the few years that followed that initial meeting, a board was formed that shared these common goals, and who could provide valuable input†from as many professions as there was a need. Care was taken to bring together a group who shared a passion†for objective and effective continuing education, and who would be willing to spend some of their valuable time in the formation and maintenance of a web site dedicated to this purpose.

For better CE, we respectfully bring you....FindCE.com !

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ...your continuing education concierge...

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Time Saving Tips


(from the Transportation Security Administration)

Before the Airport


Do NOT pack or bring prohibited items to the airport.

Leave gifts unwrapped. 
They may be opened for inspection.

Avoid wearing clothing, jewelry, and accessories that contain metal. 
Metal items may set off the alarm on the metal detector.

Put all undeveloped film and cameras with film in your carry-on baggage.
Checked baggage screening equipment will damage undeveloped film.


Carry-on baggage is limited to one carry-on bag plus one personal item. 
Personal items include laptops, purses, small backpacks, briefcases, or camera cases. Remember, 1+1.

Place identification tags in and on all of your baggage. 
Donít forget your laptop computer.

At the Airport

Before you get in line

Do NOT bring drinks or other liquids to the security checkpoint unless they are in paper or polystyrene (e.g. Styrofoam TM), sealed or seal-able/spill-proof containers.  


Do NOT bring food to the security checkpoint unless it is wrapped or in a container. 
Unpeeled natural foods like fruit are okay.

Once you get in line

Put metal IN your carry-on bag.
This includes jewelry, loose change, keys, mobile phones, pagers, and personal data assistants (PDAs).

Take OUT your laptop computer.
Place it in a bin, separate from its carrying case.

Take OFF your outer coat.
Place it in a bin. Suit jackets and blazers do not have to be removed, unless requested by the screener.