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Self-Motivation & Change
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San Diego
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Your biggest personal change challenge? And a solution!Reply

What is your biggest challenge in creating desired personal change in your life? Log your question and we'll get you an answer.

One of the constant themes I hear when I ask this question in my stress management programs is "Fear of an unexpected or unwanted outcome."

Fear is natural and it it can be debilitating or motivating. You get to choose. And how do you choose when you're paralyzed with fear? Start here: Notice your breath. Slow down your breathing. Acknowledge out loud to yourself "I'm feeling afraid about...(name your fear) because I'm afraid (name your reason) will (or won't) happen."

Breathe. Sigh. Smile. Congratulate yourself for acknowledging your fear. Most people avoid it and procrastinate and fall back disappointingly into their old habits and relive the fear over and over again. Bummer.

Continue on with "Whether or not this fear happens, I am committed to following through with this change because I will...(describe why you want this change and feel it in your heart as if you've already accomplished it - this is KEY) and one step I can take right now to move me closer to this change is... (do ANYTHING that supports you in feeling healthy and happy, even if it's just drinking a glass of water or taking a walk).

Allow yourself to repeat this process as often as necessary. You will eventually succeed and with each action, your ego will be more and more willing to follow your heart into bigger and bigger steps. You're training your brain to support yourself when you need yourself most.

Be good to yourself. The world needs you.

Mary Marcdante
(858) 792-6786
Turn Your Funk into Fun and Stress Into Success with the 21-Day Smile Diet

Link: Mary Marcdante
Mary Marcdante
Learn the 13 Principles of Living with Enthusiasm
Speaker, Author, Online Resource
Mary Marcdante

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