(Please also see our Terms and our entertaining Guest Services Guide).

What wedding packages do you offer?

Most weddings here book a Thursday thru Sunday weekend, with Lodge and cabins for 3 nights (sleeps up to 90). Groups typically decorate and prep on Thursday evening and Friday, have rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday night, and wedding on Saturday, but we're completely flexible to accommodate your schedule. With a 3-day weekend destination with lodging, we're much more than just a day venue, and your wedding can be more fun and relaxed.

Lodge rental includes tables, chairs, sound system, projector and screen, as well as access to the 300-acre property, trails, creek and lake, boats, etc. (Pool, golf carts, and some other services may be an additional fee).

Pricing for a weekend wedding with the Lodge, Lawn, and 1 cabin is currently $9995. Our Chapel Package is $11,995 and includes the Chapel and the Lodge. A Weekday Wedding Package (Mon-Wed, 2 night, Lodge only) is also available for $4,995. (All prices are before applicable taxes, and additional packages are available).

How much does it cost to rent the Lodge or a Cabin?

Pricing is provided on request. Both the Lodge and the Cabins are typically rented with a minimum number of nights, and weekend rates are usually a flat rate for the full weekend, regardless of the number of nights you may stay. Cabin rates start at $500 for 2 nights (Mon-Wed) and $750 for a 3-night weekend. Lodge rates start at $3,390 for 2 nights (Mon-Wed) and $5,995 for a 3-night weekend. Weekend wedding pricing starts at $9,995.

How many people can the Lodge/Cabins sleep?

Check out our Room Details document for details on beds, bathrooms, etc.

Max capacity in beds is listed below:
Lodge: 45
Cabin 1: 9
Cabin 2: 6
Cabin 3: 10
Cabin 5: 10
Cottage: 5
Barndo: 5
Pub Suite: 6
Total: 96

What are your booking/payment/cancellation policies?

Five Star Retreat charges a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your total anticipated charges in order to hold your dates. A cancellation after date of reservation but prior to 30 days before your event will result in no additional fees charged in addition to the already charged deposit. The balance is due 30 days prior to your reservation date. All charges are non-refundable. However, FSR may (at our sole discretion) issue a partial or full refund under unusual circumstances which may require that you do not use your reservation (i.e. death in immediate family, impassable roads due to severe weather, etc.). FSR recommends that Guest take out travel/cancellation insurance for any reservation.

What is your pet policy?

NO PETS ALLOWED. Pets are not allowed on the property. This includes both inside and outside. If any pets are brought and subsequently allowed indoors, Five Star Retreat will charge the renter an additional fee of $500 per building that the pets are allowed in. IMPORTANT: This is a ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY with ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS, and was only implemented due to extensive abuse of our previous outdoor-only pet policy. This abuse resulted in mud, hair and urine cleanup, carpet replacement, flea-bombing, dogs running deer and turkey, guest complaints about barking, and even the death of other pets. If you bring a pet to the property, you will be asked to leave.

Note: We are NOT, nor are we required to be, ADA compliant. The policy above also applies to "service animals" of all kinds, including dogs, horses, dolphins, monkeys, etc.

What do I need to bring?

We provide bath towels and bed linens. We also provide toilet paper and trash bags. Please bring your own paper towels or paper napkins, if needed, along with any other disposable plates or cups.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE FOOD, DRINKS, OR COFFEE. We do have Bunn coffeemakers in the Lodge and Keurigs in most of the cabins, but you will need to bring your own coffee (and filters for the Bunns).

If you intend to swim outside (pool, lake, or creek), please bring your own beach towel. DO NOT USE BATH TOWELS OUTSIDE.

Other suggested items to bring: bug spray, rain gear, folding chair (for bonfires), flashlight.

Do you allow smoking?

There is NO SMOKING in the Lodge or in any of the cabins. If you must smoke, please go outside and remain far away from the doors so you don’t funk up the place. You know that’s really a nasty habit that’s going to kill you, right?

How many tables and chairs do you have? Place settings?

There are 10 60inch round tables, 10 8ft rectangular tables, 10 6ft rectangular tables, 10 8ft conference tables, and 10 6ft conference tables. (Note: number may vary slightly with use by retreat owners or other events, but we do our best to keep that number on-hand.) We also have approximately 300 fruitwood folding chairs and 75 banquet chairs.

There are place settings (plates, flatware, and glasses) for approximately 200. (Again, this number may vary due to use, breakage, or loss, but we try to reorder periodically to keep the number near 200.) Please inspect the facilities just prior to your event if you need a more accurate count.

(Please note: you are responsible for setting up your own tables, unless otherwise agreed and specified on your invoice)

What are check-in and check-out times?

Typically, check-in is 4pm and check-out is 10am. However, early check-ins and late check-outs may be available if there is not another group booked immediately before or after your stay. Please feel free to ask us if you would like an early check-in or late check-out.

Is there Internet access?

Yes. We have free guest wifi in and around all buildings on the property. If you check-in to Five Star Retreat on Facebook, we promise to Like your post!

Is there a map of the property?
What additional taxes and fees are charged on my invoice?

For all non-exempt individuals and companies, we charge Sales Taxes of 9.75%. For ALL reservations, we also charge a Hickman County tax recovery fee, which covers hotel/motel tax and other county taxes. The county taxes are charged on ALL reservations, including reservations for tax-exempt organizations (the State only provides exemption from sales tax, not hotel/motel taxes or other fees).

Do you have a shuttle service?

No, we don't have our own shuttle (yet). But we've had great service from and highly recommend Grand Avenue in Nashville for shuttle and limo rentals.

Can I bring my ATV or UTV? What about Jeeps?

You’re welcome to bring ATVs for trail riding. There are approximately 20 miles of well-marked and mapped trails on the property. Please be respectful of other guests and do not ride during quiet hours. Also, if you don’t have an adequate muffler on your vehicle, you may be asked to stop riding if you are disturbing other guests or the property owners.

Some trails are also wide enough for Jeeps, although we don’t recommend full-size vehicles on most of the trails.

PLEASE DO NOT RIDE ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE ROADS AND TRAILS. NO RIDING IN THE YARDS OR IN THE WOODS (except for existing trails). Also, please do not do donuts in ANY yards, mowed fields, or deer food plots (yeah, it’s happened).

Do we have to pay for the boats on the lake?

No. The paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks are provided for free, along with paddles and life jackets. There is no lifeguard, so please be responsible.

Do we have to pay for the golf carts or UTVs?

Yes. Golf carts and UTVs may be rented starting at $295/weekend per cart. You must sign a waiver and pay a refundable damage deposit to rent one of these vehicles, and only sober adults are permitted to drive.

What do we have to clean before we leave?

We simply ask that you bag up and dispose all your trash in the provided bins and wash and put away any dishes you may have used. You do not need to do laundry, make beds, mop or vacuum. If you made a mess in the kitchen (i.e. food on the stove, mess on the counters, etc), it would also help our staff tremendously if you would clean that up as well.

Do you allow bonfires?

Yes. There are fire pits behind the lodge and by the creek (near Cabin 1). Firewood is provided.

Do you have RV hookups on the property?

Yes. There are several hookups on the property. Please contact us for rates and availability.

Will I be able to watch the big game/fight/finale during my friend’s wedding?

If it’s ok with them, it’s ok with us. We have DirecTV with all the sports channels and movie channels. For pay-per-view events, contact us for availability and price.

What are some nearby hotels and restaurants?

If you need additional hotel rooms for your stay, we recommend the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Dickson, the newest hotel in the area.

Nearby restaurants: Pinewood Store and Kitchen, Pizza Junction, Colton’s, Mason Jar Cafe, and many other restaurants in Dickson.

Do you allow hunting or shooting on the property?

Hunting is only allowed during special annual hunting camps (invitation only). Guests may not hunt unless they are at one of these camps. We do allow pistol and rifle shooting on the rifle range (in the field with the sporting clays stations on the east side of the property). ALL SHOOTING MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE. Call 615.212.9007 prior to starting to shoot to be sure there are not other activities or groups on the property that would make shooting unsafe or inconvenient. In addition, any weapons (other than holstered carry pistols) must be unloaded while not on the line shooting. We welcome safe and responsible concealed carry on the property.

Can I fish in the lake?

Yes. We allow catch-and-release fishing in the lake and creek for anyone with the appropriate license.